Comic Books feat. SDCC2017

Who said comic books are just for kids? Speaking of comic books, San Diego Comic Con badges are going to be on sale SOON! Sometimes during March. Returners will have first priority maybe late February or early March, they haven’t updated anything about purchasing the badges yet. This event begins around on the month of…

New Year, New Project

While trying to get my life together, going to school, studying, and working out. I’ve been brainstorming on my next new photo project day by day. Stick around for more information once everything are gathered and finalized.

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Finally had the time to go out into the cold and shoot some pictures at Balboa Park. I heard it’s beautifully decorated on the month of December and they were right. Not much going on after the hour and on a Sunday. But it’s better this way so I don’t want to deal with parking/traffic.

On their way to Polinsky & Rady Children’s Hospital 

Today we’re finally delivering all these wrapped toys for these kids that deserves more happiness than we do. Sometimes people forget that these kids need these type of happiness like we did when we were young, but they can’t. Imagine having to stay and lived most of your childhood life in a hospital, can’t go…

You can never go wrong with San Diego, California

Because I’m so used to living in a small city in Fresno. After moving to San Diego about almost 3 years ago, this beautiful city has grew on me a lot. There are still many places here to explore and photo shoot, but the only time I’m able to do is during my free time…

College Struggles 

Donating and buying foods and clothes for college kids that are living by themselves, struggling to save extra money for food after bills, &/or doesn’t receive financial aids. 

Krispy Kreme Donuts ‘Holiday Edition’ 

Bringing my team donuts surprise to start their day while working hard to gather as much as we can to bring toys and holiday cards to the Polinsky & Rady Children’s Hospital, giving them the happiness they deserve everyday & let them know there are people who cares. 

Balboa Park San Diego, California 

A place where you can visit museums, watch people perform on the side of the sidewalk, listen to people play Christmas music on the every first week of December on December Nights. Also great for photography at anytime of the day and season.