Comic Books feat. SDCC2017

Who said comic books are just for kids? Speaking of comic books, San Diego Comic Con badges are going to be on sale SOON! Sometimes during March. Returners will have first priority maybe late February or early March, they haven’t updated anything about purchasing the badges yet. This event begins around on the month of July. 

 For new Comic Con attendees, badges will be on sale I believe the day after the returners’ purchase day. But you MUST make an account if you want to purchase a Comic Con badge (you may purchase more than one, as long you have the other attendee’s username. If they don’t have one, they must make an account). After you sign up, just follow the instruction then they’ll send you full informations about Comic Con and other Cons if you’re interested in attending them. 

When purchasing badge(s), you don’t get them right away. It’s a 50/50 chance, meaning that you will have to wake up early and enter the waiting room online. Some won’t be able to get in, some will. Once you get in, purchase how many days you want to attend as quickly as possible (they get sold out pretty fast). Here’s my tip for purchasing more than one badges:

• Make sure you and your friend(s) have enough money in your account to purchase 2-3 badges 

• You and your friend(s) will go online with separate laptop/computer. 

• Both of you will request 2 or 3 badges on their website (then the waiting game starts) 

• Until one of you finally get into the waiting room online. Pick your # of days then submit your purchase quickly. The other person can log off once one finally got into the room. 

* you can purchase up to 4 days, 5 days if you’re a returner and wants to attend the night premiere * 

** days are sold out in seconds, so do it quick 

That’s pretty much everything I can help for those who are interested in attending to San Diego Comic Con 2017. 

Good luck attendees! 


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