Poke Bowl 

Post workout meal to feed my muscles  -white rice  -spicy tuna, scallop, shrimp  -avocado, cucumber, seaweed salad – spicy mayo, ponzu  -sprinkle with sesame seeds  Location: Pacific Poke Co. San Diego Mira Mesa California 

I should do a give away 

I know I’m still new to WordPress & trying to keep up with my photography blogging. Since I shop at Daiso so much, and I know it’s only in certain location. Might plan on doing my first give away with Daiso goodies. What do you think?  The giveaway will take place on my instagram account….

Rakiraki Ramen 

From San Diegans, this is one of the best ramen place in San Diego. The place is small, the wait is long. Is it worth it? Kinda, I’m not a big fan of ramen but this ramen place is pretty good compare to the others that I’ve been to. So if you’re looking for a…

Photo Project Updates

Today was the beginning of my photo project #1 which was a pre wedding photoshoot for my cousin and her fiancé. I added on a plastic wrap on my lens to give that foggy effect on my photos. Here’s a quick preview on one of them.  Remember to follow & share to keep up with…

Comic Books feat. SDCC2017

Who said comic books are just for kids? Speaking of comic books, San Diego Comic Con badges are going to be on sale SOON! Sometimes during March. Returners will have first priority maybe late February or early March, they haven’t updated anything about purchasing the badges yet. This event begins around on the month of…

New Year, New Project

While trying to get my life together, going to school, studying, and working out. I’ve been brainstorming on my next new photo project day by day. Stick around for more information once everything are gathered and finalized.