YouTube vlog vs. Snapchats


why snapchat chose me
Many of you have asked me if I have a YouTube account that I post my vlog up. I honestly do not, however, I’d thought about it before. Vlogging my be simple to do, just record and talk, but it’s much more than that. Video editing is time consuming and I don’t have the time to do that due to school and work. I know there are many other vloggers that has other things to do also and still have the time to edit videos, but I’m one of a few decide to not have a YouTube account for my vlogs. 

I chose snapchat because is quick and easy, even though it’s only up for 24 hrs then deletes it. But if any would like to see what I’ve been up to and join me on my adventures my snapchat screen name is right below. I must warn you, my stories are mostly complaints, venting, having weird things happening, and/or weird random things I do when I’m bored. 


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