Join me on my journey  


est. 2011 the first purchased of Canon Rebel T3

I’ve been working with photography since 2011, and thought it would be great to share and take you with me on my adventure. I’d a photo blog before back in the past on tumblr, but college, work, and life was difficult for me during those years. I lost my motivation in photography for awhile, until now. In reality, you really don’t get a call from a well known photographer and tells you how great your work is, because you know you’re just an amateur photographer. I am honored and proud of myself after 5 years of fun and shoots ends up being worth it after all.

It’s okay, this is more than just photos. Since I’m majoring in Nutrition, that’s right, food porn coming your way. Haha!

I was inspired by many people, especially my new mentor, that believed and helped me through my darkest time. Therefore, I think it’s right for me to return the favor to you viewers. I’m not the best ‘quoter’ or advice giver, but I hope my blogs will help you find yourself and think about your own. Happy blogging!



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