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Finally home alone for the weekend 

  bedroom    Spent my weekend cleaning and rearranging my apartment. I’m hoping it’ll stay this clean when Greg comes back. So much room, for almost a year now we still haven’t bought a couch and we need one soon! I can’t decorate the place if there’s no couch!

Exploring San Diego California 

Living in San Diego for a year, and finally explored the whole San Diego all in one day. I’m glad my friends came through all the way from Fresno and share this beautiful city with them. Made it happen.      

  the loft for the weekend It was a good short weekend with friends from Fresno. The best thing in life is when you have the chance to give yourself a break from life by going out of town, meeting up with your friends, catching up, and enjoying the good environment with couple of drinks on…

YouTube vlog vs. Snapchats

 Many of you have asked me if I have a YouTube account that I post my vlog up. I honestly do not, however, I’d thought about it before. Vlogging my be simple to do, just record and talk, but it’s much more than that. Video editing is time consuming and I don’t have the time…

Escape to LA

  To be honest, we like going on trips. But the worst part about it is driving through heavy traffic. Can’t we agree to this?   After driving through one hell of a traffic. You gotta treat yourself and feel blessed that you survived without killing anyone, haha! People ask me if I have a…

Go ahead

“You will never know what could be on the other side. Take chances and make mistakes”

“Eventually all things fall into place. Until then, laugh at the confusion, live for the moments, and know everything happens for a reason.”

sweet lovers ♥

summer’s near! get ready to be soak up by the sun and end your day with sweets

Everything matters

“Take advantage of these kind of scenery, because one day that opportunity will be gone.”

Join me on my journey  

  I’ve been working with photography since 2011, and thought it would be great to share and take you with me on my adventure. I’d a photo blog before back in the past on tumblr, but college, work, and life was difficult for me during those years. I lost my motivation in photography for awhile,…